mixed media


Peckham, people and diversity

Peckham, is a district of south-east London and is one of the most ethnically diverse areas of the UK. I live in Peckham and I enjoy immersing myself and get inspired by people diversity and culture.


Upper left: Rye lane layer, ink on paper, November 2015.

Upper right: Rye lane portraits, ink on paper, November 2015.

Down left: Rye lane hanging poultry, ink on paper, December 2015.

Down right: Rye lane street view, ink and watercolour on paper, December




Left: Rye Lane shades, ink and watercolour on paper. January 2016.

Right upper: Rye Lane butchers, watercolour on paper, January 2016.

Right down: Rye Lane wigs, watercolour on paper, January 2016.



Left: Rye lane fabric inspiration, oil pastels and watercolour on paper. July


Right: Rye lane fruit market, oil pastels and watercolour on paper. July 2017.




Italian city, architecture 



View from the piazza

Mixed media, crayons and watercolours on paper

October 2016



Italian piazza – Piazza italiana
Mixed media on paper
November 2016


Emotional memories, Italy.


carving-grandma's house




grape harvest_Fotor


cortile definitivo


handmade pasta