Natural dyes

I am a food lover and I enjoy cooking and eating with friends and family. I love choosing the best ingredients for my dishes and I let be inspired by colours, smells, flavours. Turmeric is one of my favourite spice, its colour is so deep and I wanted to experiment some natural dye… below some pictures of my latest works.


Natural dye with turmeric, shibori inspiration. Work one


Turmeric on cotton, tablecloth.

Gabriella Tirone  July 2017


Natural dye with turmeric, shibory inspiration. Work two

imm _Fotor

Turmeric on cotton, napkin.

Gabriella Tirone  July 2017

Handmade painting on fabric


Inspiring nature on fabric ” Foglie”

cush 2 def

handmade cushion and paint on cotton.

June 2017


Inspiring Italian decorations on tiles. ” Maiolica”


Handmade painting on fabric.

July 2017